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Our company PROJEKTSERVIS, Ltd. introduce to you offer about the service, which we can provide you with (in Slovak Republic):

1.  Activities connected with establishing a new enterprise:

  • searching for a suitable location - addresses to define the company seat (for registration to the Business Register)

  • assuring working out tenancy contracts for the company seat - necessary for registration of the company to the Business Register

  • assuring good-conduct certificates of the executives resp. attorneys - necessary for the arrangement of the trade certificate

  • arranging of the trade certificate of legal entity - necessary for the registration to the Business Register

  • selection of the adequate person for the function of executives resp. attorneys

  • provision of all legal procedures relating to law, connected with establishing a new enterprise

    2.Assuring working out contracts of purchase and sale for acquisition of real estates, resp. lands.

    3.Assuring the removal of the land from the land resources in the case of realization of building a real estate on agricultural land.

    4.Assuring building projects for building the investment in accordance with the selected location.

    5.Assuring all certificates, consents and expertise of the competent authorities for the realization of the territorial and building procedures as well

    6.Arranging of consent of the Environmental Protection Department for granting construction permit.

    7.Arranging construction permit

    8.Assuring suitable employees for positions managerial and productive

    9.Assuring specialists for the following activities:

  • legal service - occasional service

  • accounting service - permanent service

    10.Processing of sources, registrations for drawing of assistance.

    11.Organizing activities of the company, field of enterprise, structure of the owners and economic results of the company are going to be directed to ensure for the firm that it is able to be an applicant for using the resources in the European Union.

    12.Development of projects for using funds of European Union in the field of:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic

  • The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

  • The Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic

    In the case of your interest about a concrete type of the provided service our company is able to begin its activities immediately. We are waiting for your order and on its basis we are going to work out a draft contract of the task..

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